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There is so much more to a person than what they look like. My portraits are a snapshot of the person that goes beyond physical appearance. I don't spend hours perfecting the shape of the nose or painstakingly colour matching their hair or skin tone - all my people come with a pair of eyes and nothing else, and are simple line drawings on a plain white page. Because a person is not the shape of their nose or the colour of their skin. There are favourite toys, hobbies, colours. They may never sit still or they may like to sit back and take life in. They may have a favourite bench, a tree, a dress. When you commission a portrait from me, I will do my best, in consultation with you, to perfectly capture everything that makes that person special. What we end up with is a portrait that is not so much of a person, but about them. 

How to order

If you would like to commission a portrait, your first step is to contact me, via the contact form here, or by emailing We will have a chat about what your image might look like, any ideas you have, special places, colours and people you'd like to include. You will be given a provisional completion date. Initial sketches can be provided on request. 


My order books are usually open January-June and September-November. Lead time is usually around 4 weeks but can get much longer in busy times, particularly the run up to Christmas, so please do allow plenty of time if you have a deadline. Please also see the Terms and Conditions here.

Sizes and prices below. Family portraits are drawings made with high quality watercolour paper, ink and collage. All pictures are sent mounted in simple ivory card. Framing is available on all orders, however 16x20 framed orders must be collected from my studio in Hythe, Kent. *'Figures' refers to humans or large animals! Payment is required at the time of order. 

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