Let it snow...

I spent ages making this blizzard and then when it was done I couldn't quite decide what to do with it. The answer was...not much! It was so nice on its own that I just added a little snowflake watcher and left it at that. This image is very likely to appear on a calendar at some point!

Coming soon!...and also available now...

I'm considering using a new printing service for my Christmas cards this year, so had a small amount of A6 'Seadrift' greetings cards made to test the service and quality. They have turned out really nicely! They will be available in my shop when it opens, but if you can't wait you can order them now. They are available singly for £3 or four for £10, including UK P&P. They do come with envelopes too, I just didn't photograph those. Please do drop me a line if you wish to purchase!

Christmas card 2!

Stands to reason that if you're out walking in the snow in your pyjamas, you should find a christmas tree with a gift underneath. Hopefully it's a coat...

It's coming...

...not just my cards, but the event itself. You know the one I mean - it involves glitter and singing and weird alcoholic drinks (basically all that is great in the world). Yes it's still September but planning starts early here! This year there will be four new card designs from me, of which this is the first. You can decide for yourself whether she's pointing at Yonder Star or has a big snowball hurtling towards her head.

Juliette, Isla, Aria, Lily, Isabelle and Jasmine

One of my recent family portraits, commissioned as a gift for a couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. You'll notice that only six of the children are named, that's because the baby wasn't actually born at the time the piece was created!

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