David and Gillian

This is David and Gillian on their wedding day, surrounding by pretty roses! This image was commissioned by their friend Laura as a wedding gift. If you know a couple who are getting married soon and would like to commission a portrait as a gift, do get in touch. prices start at £45.

Cheryl, Mark and Bella the cat

Finally getting going on uploading some summer commissions. Let's start with Mark, Cheryl and Bella. Mark commissioned this image of his yoga loving, beach loving, cat loving wife for her birthday. Obviously in real life the cat doesn't go to the beach but that is the beauty of artistic licence! If you'd like to immortalise someone you love in a drawing, my order books are currently open but are getting filled fast so do get in touch sooner rather than later!

Autumn News

Well, there's a slight crispness to the air and most of the children of the nation have posed in front of a door wearing uniform that has been ironed nicely for the only time that year (this could just be me). It can only mean one thing and that is September! which also means that it is time for me to reopen my order books so that you lovely lot can book in your Christmas commissions. This year, I will have slightly less slots than usual because I'm planning to add a framed prints section to my online shop, which means I need extra time for framing (or faffing and swearing and wondering what the heck I was thinking of). I'll be uploading some summer commissions over the next few weeks and I'

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