Beau, Lola, Penny and Elise

Beau, Lola, Penny and Elise were commissioned by their grandmother Debby. They are playing on the rocks at Fisherman's Beach in Hythe, where Debby and I both live. so I was able to frame and hand deliver the picture to Debby. If you'd like to immortalise the special kiddos (or big kiddos) in your life, do get in touch!

November news!

The pumpkins have gone mouldy, the fireworks are fizzling out and we are hurtling at an alarming speed towards the end of the year! Before I get going with the news at...*squints at clock*...12.43, let me first say that there is still one slot left for a pre-Christmas commission. If you would like it, please shout! So, lots going on here. First up is an online market I am participating in. Handcrafted Uniquely Community is a collective of artists and craftspeople, who are holding a Winter Wonderland Market on 10th November at 7.30pm. It's all online so you don't even have to leave your sofa! Shop in your slippers! You'll be able to buy a VERY limited edition print from me but you'll have to

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