Edward and Alice

Aaaahhhhh....who wouldn't want to be Edward and Alice right now, dipping their tootsies in some cool cool water?

New work and work to be

I had a busy day yesterday, finishing 3 pieces of my own work and a commissioned piece too. If you're thinking "Ooh, Hayley's producing a lot of work right now", you'd be right, but actually it's more accurate to say "Oooh, Hayley's finishing a lot of work right now" as the three paintings had been languishing in the studio, unloved, for some time. And actually looking at this photo has made me realise they are all the same colour so one has already been yanked out of the 'completed' pile for re-colourisationing (i am sure that must be a word). STEP AWAY FROM THE PURPLE, HAYLEY . The reason for this sudden flurry of activity is that I am clearing the desk and making space for an absolutely m

New painting - Lagoon

This new painting is the first of a series of smaller works I'm making. OK, it's not technically the first. It's the first one that looked any good *glances at large pile of rubbish rejects*. It's pretty dinky - about 10x8 inches. If you'd like to see these joyful dippers in real life I'm planning to show it at the Hythe Art Society show, 7th-16th July at the Tin Tabernacle, Hythe.

Andrew, Rachel, Jake, Rhys and Ewan

Family commission for Andrew as a birthday gift to Rachel. This family portrait contains so many things I love - chickens, christmas, beaches and caravans!

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