Kiss Me Quick

It's a soggy Sunday here in Kent, and I have been well and truly abandoned. The family have gone toy car racing and the dog is pretending to be asleep for fear he'll be taken for a walk in the rain. I am not brilliant at relaxing so wasn't sure what to do with ,myself and was on the verge of taking the desperate measure of tidying the kitchen cupboards when I remembered this painting. It's been sneaking around the back of my mind for a while now, waving at me while I'm working on other things and niggling away. It's there, but I don't really know what it looks like. I only know it features a girl wearing a Kiss Me Quick hat. The rest will have to make itself known to me as we go.

Natasha, Dan, Evie and Holly

This family are no strangers to my drawing board. I drew Natasha and Evie when Evie was just a baby, then again when Dan and Natasha got married in 2013. I know Natasha had been wanting to update her collection for some time as, since their wedding portrait, a little sister had arrived for Evie and they had also bought themselves a rather lovely new house. The picture was a Christmas gift for Natasha from her Mum, and even though it was one of the first Christmas commissions on my list and delivered quite early, she showed frankly inhuman strength by finding the willpower to keep it in its packaging until Christmas Day. Amazing!

School portrait workshops, 9th January

As part of my daughter's school topic 'Art on Your Doorstep', I was asked to go in and talk to the children about my work. While discussing this with her teacher, I blurted out that I was really interested what would happen in children were asked to make a portrait that was not so much a picture of what a person looks like, but what they ARE like, and before I knew it I'd agreed to run a whole day of workshops on the subject. I was looking forward to it but also, I'd never done anything even remotely like it in my life so immediately had palpitations that the whole day would be boring/rubbish/a waste of everyone's time and that the kids would hate it/not get it/misbehave/throw tomatoes at me

Jen, Paul, Joe, Adrian and Izzy

Oh, I loved making this beachy picture, even though it took me the best part of a week to do those pebbles (it's 16x20 inches)! It's set on Seaham beach and features Jen and her family, who used to live nearby and still misses it. The image was commissioned by Jen's friend Kim as a birthday gift.

Daisy and Maya

Daisy and Maya are off for an autumn stomp in the woods, wearing their wellies and accompanied by their trusty companions, Soft Tiger and Ronald. This image was commissioned by Daisy and Maya's aunt, Sam, who gave it to her sister-in-law as a birthday gift.

Rich, Karolina, Josh and Ela

Next up for my Christmas commission shares is this family image, commissioned by Rich's sister, Sarah. They love to visit Rushmore Country Park and if you are familiar with it too you may recognise 'the big chair' that the children are sitting in. Excellent excuse for me to add more wood grain!

Debs, Steve, Will, Ollie and Tabby

I am pleased to be able to share one of my secret commissions, created for a gift and kept under wraps until it had been safely delivered! This active bunch were commissioned by Sam for his sister Debs, who celebrated her 50th birthday in December. Happy Birthday, Debs!

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