Julie, Iain, James and Chalky

It's been a while since I shared a family portrait commission so let me introduce you to Julie, Iain, James and Chalky the dog, commissioned by Julie for Iain's birthday. I loved working on this commission so much that I did it twice! Well OK, that's not quite true. I did it once and posted it off but unfortunately someone took a fancy to the sack of post it was in and it never even reached the sorting office. With the deadline of Iain's birthday looming there was nothing for it than to get the pens out and start the whole thing again. Thankfully my second attempt was safely delivered in time for the big day. Phew!

More circus!

Last year's painting of a tightrope walker (print available in my shop) was a result of a monthly art challenge. This month (OK, OK, it was actually last month but was late with my submission), the group decided to repeat the circus theme which led to this trapeze painting. What to you think? Is she going to make it?? Now I have two circus paintings I'm planning a bit of a series and am currently attempting a non-sinister clown, which is not as easy as it sounds.

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