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I have several regular customers who commission pieces to be given as wedding presents, so a conversation that is a regular occurrence for me goes like this: "Hi Hayley, can you draw a picture for my friend's wedding present?" "Sure, when's the wedding?" "It was last week".

You might think this is leaving your gift buying a bit late but actually it's the best way to do it, because if you wait until after the wedding, you can have the happy couple depicted in their fancy wedding clothes!

Here is a little selection of my wedding portraits from the past few years. If you have friends with a special day approaching, or maybe you're approaching your 1st (paper) anniversary and would like a gift for your spouse, get in touch!


Maybe it's you that's the bride or groom to be, did you know I can also help you with your invite designs? I can send you a digital image of a cute, bespoke illustration for you to print onto your wedding stationery.

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