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Christmas postings and shiny new things!

Season's Greetings! Whether you're ready or not I'm afraid it's time to talk tinsel. Well, tinsel-related things anyway, in the form of the boring old last postage for Christmas pressies info. I'll save that for last.

But first! Newbies. Starting with my new giclee print 'My Stars'. There is a story behind this one and you need to know, in case it's a sensitive issue for you, that it involves baby loss, so feel free to skip ahead to the pretties further down.

Back in October, during Baby Loss Awareness week, I drew a picture for the annual Wave of Light, which is an opportunity for anyone affected by baby loss to light a candle and remember the little ones that never grew up. I imagined that the woman in the picture was looking at the stars and wondering what her baby would be doing now. She is counting the years, working out how old they would be. She is wondering if they'd like ballet, or football, or maybe both. The star in the sky (my original picture just had one) represented the baby, who carried on shining as the years went on.

Anyway. I posted it online and had a lovely dialogue with lots of people who'd been similarly affected, we swapped experiences, it was nice, despite the sad subject matter. A few days later a friend asked if I could make a version with more stars for her, so I did, and it got my old grey matter churning. I thought that maybe if I made little affordable prints, I could alter the number of stars each time depending on how many each person needed. And I thought that if people wanted to buy these prints to remember their little ones, or to help a friend, that perhaps I could donate a percentage of each print sold to The Miscarriage Association. So, that is exactly what I have done! You can choose 1-5 stars (but I can make any number if more are required) and for every print sold, I will be donating £2.50 to the Miscarriage Association. You can find it here in my shop.

I have also updated the 'Latest' section of this site, which details all original paintings and where you can buy them, if they are still for sale. I've added three new paintings; 'Droplet', 'Wisp' and 'Lost'. Details of each painting are here , and if you'd like to purchase anything, as a Christmas gift or just because, just drop me a line.

Finally, we can't avoid it any longer. The boring bit. Last order dates for Christmas! For international orders I'm afraid it's already passed, sorry about that. For UK customers my last day for pre-christmas orders is Friday 13th December. After that, your item will of course still be posted but it will arrive after Christmas.

Wishing you all a restful (ha ha) December!

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