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Tis (almost) the and calendars in stock now.

OK it isn't. not really, but given the year we've had, I'm ready to press fast forward and speed us towards Christmas so that we can at least be surrounded by pretty lights while we don our leisure wear for yet another Zoom call. And given that this year, we may be spending less time with our loved ones than we'd like, I've created four new Christmas card designs, which are available in a pack of eight here, or singly at East Cliff Creatives, 66 The Old High Street, Folkestone.

I also now have calendars in stock both here and at the East Cliff Creatives shop.

I'm also considering a little studio sale before the end of the year as every exhibition I had planned has been cancelled and I need to shift some originals! If you would be interested in this please let me know.


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