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Sending love from lockdown!

Greetings from lockdown in Kent! What score shall we give 2020 so far, I'm with the girl on the right!

I hope you are all OK and surviving this utterly ludicrous year. Maybe, like me, you're fighting a losing battle with home schooling. Maybe you're trying to work and finding it impossible. Maybe you've done a bit too much baking and finding your trackie bottoms are getting a bit snug (obviously I'm not describing myself here, just hypothetically speaking of course, *eats 5 more cinnamon buns*).

Maybe you're totally killing it? Up at 8, going to a run around the garden, zoom calls all day, making scrubs for the NHS at night, and learning a new language while sleeping. Maybe. Maybe you're a key worker, still going out to work every day, and if you are, thank you!

Whatever you new normality looks like, I think we can all agree that this is a monumentally rubbish period in history. Like many many other artists, I find myself without a big chunk of my income due too the closure of shops and galleries. It's not fun, but I have decided to attempt to address this and help other artists by joining in with the Artist Support Pledge. This is a simple initiative, each participant advertises work for sale and when their sales reach £1,000 they pledge to spend £200 of that buying work from another artist. So you get sales, you get to help, and you get a bonzer piece of pretty at the end of it. Win win win.

So, if you're an artist and not already taking part, head over to instagram or follow my link above to see how to join in. And if you're a buyer...well... step this way....

Image above is 'Dix Points', mixed media on canvas board, 10x8 inches. £80 unframed.

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