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Christmas commissions and 2018 news!

I have been a bit rubbish at sharing those Christmas commissions, haven't I? I'll start now. This is Kat and Chris, commissioned by Charmian as a Christmas gift. The photo Charmian sent was one of the most wonderful images I've ever worked from and with Charmian's permission I have shown it here alongside my drawing. Isn;t it brilliant? I usually only use photos for reference but in this case I almost copied it exactly because I just loved it so much!

I'll share more Christmas commissions over the next few weeks.

I'm excited for 2018 as i have some fun things on the horizon, one of which is a garden commission which is going to be huge! I'm also considering a few more printed if my "Hmmmm...." list is currently teatowels but I would be interested to hear your thoughts. If you're desperate for products and can't wait, I do still have my Redbubble shop here:

In case you haven't seen, I still have 20% off cards and calendars in the shop and also 10% off selected prints.

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