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Virgo has arrived, early as usual...(plus holidays and commission orders)

I myself am a Virgo. If you are a Virgo you should only surround yourself with other Virgos, otherwise life is far too irritating as you spend your whole time waiting for people to turn up somewhere vaguely near the time they said they'd be there. That is why my Virgo chick looks all serene and maidenly on the outside, but she's actually looking impatiently at her watch and is attempting to control an inner fury that everyone else is late, again. Virgo has arrived in the shop where she will tut and and look annoyed until 22nd September.

And speaking of people not being where they should (seamless!), please be aware that I am taking a leeetle break until 3rd September. You can still order from the shop, but nothing will be made or posted until that week. This is also the point at which I'll be opening the order books for commissions, there will be VERY few slots available before Christmas so if you're wanting to get an order in you will need to be quick.

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