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Happy New Year! Plus 20% off.

Ok, we're a week in already so I'm a little late with my greeting but happy New Year anyway! I'm writing this while I *should* be doing my tax return, which I vow every year will definitely NOT be left until the last minute and yet here I am, days before the deadline, surrounded by unsorted receipts and despair. Will I ever learn?

Anyway, as is traditional at this time of year I've taken 20% off most items in the shop. It's worth pointing out that the prints I have in stock are the only prints on offer at the moment, due to my printer having a little wobble, meaning that I can't actually make any new ones right now. I'm planning to move to having the prints made for me anyway, but this does mean that prints will no longer be available on demand. I'm hoping this will all work out and won't have a negative impact on anything but as with most things I'm winging it and hoping for the best.

I have SO many plans for 2019 and am really quite excited about a new body of wok I'm planning. But I'll talk about that another time!

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