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Pancakes and picture challenges

I quite like February. It's winter, but without the end-of-Christmas woe. Most people have finally been paid again after the inevitable Skint January, and if you are one of those masochists who inexplicably deny yourself all the good stuff and make January doubly miserable by giving up booze or cheese, then chances are you've well and truly rolled off the wagon and all is once again right with the world.

February is still cold, but with the promise that spring might just arrive next month. It's only 28 days long so as soon as it's started, you can convince yourself it's nearly March. It's when I start planting seeds that might just feed us later in the year, if I can win the slug/caterpillar/mysterious unseen creature war.

If none of this has convinced you, let me just say: Pancake Day! Food of the gods. There is nothing that can't be made better by rolling it in a pancake and eating it with your hands.

So, this February i will be taking part in not one but two drawing challenges, although i am hoping that most days, this will actually result in the same drawing. The first one is the Handcrafted Uniquely Community Fabulous February Challenge. A drawing/painting/whatever a day to a specific theme, and let me tell you, having just seen the theme list, this will be a gigantic challenge for me as most of them are well beyond my artistic comfort zone! The second one is the 28 Drawings Later challenge, with the very open brief of one drawing a day throughout February. You can keep up with my contributions on my Facebook or Instagram pages and also on the Handcrafted Uniquely Community page (links below). You can also follow the hashtag #28drawingslater on Instagram.

I'm going to need a LOT of new work this year, for various shows this spring/summer, not to mention for next year's calendar. So I've got about 8 pieces on the go, including the painting above, which is being a bit of a pest at the moment and refusing to look the way i want it to look. But it won't win! Even if I have to paint over it all and start again.

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