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We Three Queens

I would like to introduce you to the stars of my 2018 Christmas cards: Betty, Marigold and Cassie. My three queens are a bit bored of hearing about the kings every single year, so they've locked them in a cupboard and have set off to deliver the gifts to Jesus themselves. Naughty Marigold might not make it as she's a bit tempted to keep that gold necklace she's eyeing up, but the others are determined to Follow Yonder Star and arrive at the stable in good time.

The idea for the three queens arrived in my brain after chatting to one of the visitors to the hART & Friends exhibition in October. He said to me that he really liked the way I always drew independent girls, and that the girls in my paintings were always so strong looking. Aside from the fact that it was probably my most favourite comment about my work ever, it did get me thinking. I do always draw girls. It's not something I think about but I do, probably because I come from a very female heavy family. Between me and my siblings, we've produced seven girls but only one boy (my wonderful, if chronically outnumbered nephew). So, my three queens are my latest additions to my portfolio of strong girls!

My queens are available now in the shop, in packs of 6 (2 of each design) for £10. They are printed on 350gsm 100% Recycled Matte card. I also have a very small number of last year's cards available at a discount price to clear them.

If you'd like to order cards and have already pre-ordered a calendar, please do message me after you've ordered so I can reimburse the extra postage cost you will have been charged. And speaking of calendars! If you haven't pre-ordered, you have until the end of this week to do so. It's November now, time to start thinking about these things!

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