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Richard, Helen and Rose (and Rose Gold paint)

Good morning, and we certainly have our chill on here in Kent! Lovely though it is to have such a crisp, sunny day, the cold is forcing me to dilly dally over my outdoor tasks, which include starting to clear out the accumulated nonsense from my studio to be, so that we can start the process of getting it powered up and insulated and made into an actual studio. THIS IS VERY EXCITING AND DESERVES CAPS LOCK AND EVERYTHING.

So, while I procrastinate, here is another pre-Christmas commission. This autumnal, leaf-kicking scene was commissioned by Gail as a gift for her brother Richard's 40th birthday. Makes me want to put my wellies on and join them!

I am currently taking commissions for delivery at the end of February. I have expanded my 'How To Order' section in the hope that it clarifies my process, it can be found here.

I have decided that, for 2018, I will spend one week per month painting and the rest working on commissions. Whilst this inevitably leaves a little less time for commissions, it does mean that there will be an awful lot more original paintings to choose from. I'm itching to get started on painting this month, not least because I've just bought this rose gold paint and I can't wait to use it! Pretty!

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